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Results ( 6 ) : 2016 - 4.


Authors: F. Hendrickx

Rethinking the Role of Employment and Social Policy Coordination Competences in a Deeper Economic Union

Authors: N. Martínez-yáñez

Abstract: The close interaction between Europe 2020 Strategy and the revamped European economic governance has resulted in far-reaching changes in the implementing procedures for coordinating economic, social and employment policies, and their interrelations...

Job Security or Employment Security: What’s in a Name?

Authors: N. Zekic

Abstract: The main aim of the article is to survey and conceptualise the place of employment security in labour law, and to explore a number of important legal questions relating to this concept. After scrutinising the notion of employment security, the auth...

Temporary Agency Workers Work ‘Temporarily’: A European and German Interpretation of the Notion ‘Temporarily’

Authors: L. Krüger

Abstract: Articles 1(1) and 3(1 b)-e)) of Directive 2008/104/EC state that temporary agency workers work temporarily under the supervision and direction of the user undertaking. Section 1(1) 2 AÜG, introduced in order to transpose Articles 1(1) and 3(1 b)-e)...

Religious Freedom and Labour Relationships in Portugal: From Abstention to Positive Practice of Accommodation

Authors: S. Sousa Machado

Abstract: The present study addresses the conflicts between the fundamental right to religious freedom analysed in the view of the legal-juridical perspective in Portugal. To this end, the Portuguese legislation and case law will be considered. Within this c...